GET SET! - For the AdVenture of a Lifetime

The 17th Australian Venture 2018 will be hosted by Australia's holiday hotspot state... Queensland!

With the Australian Venture only occuring every 3 years, most Venturers only get to experience one in their lifetime. The Australian Venture provides ample high adreline activities, endless views and more new friends that only facebook could count.

The Victorian Contingent will run a pre-tour around some of Queensland's most iconic locations, with beach-side accommodation, jam packed with activities, and we would't take you to Queensland without going to the best theme parks in the world!

After our awesome pre-tour, we head to the Venture, where you choose an activity to your liking to do for 1 week with Venturers from all around Australia. The second week includes the entire Venture at one big camp site with activities 24/7. What more could you want?

Latest Vic-Con News

Orientatoin Day!
Orientation day is where you receive all information about AV2018, including flight times, PreTour activities and more! All participants must attend the orientation day.
Two session times are running to facilitate the mass of people. Please RSVP your preferred session time by heading to
to choose your session time. Positions are limited!

Extra official merchandise is now avilable from AV2018 Victorian Contingent. Merchandise included towels, hoodies, shirts, tents and more!
head to
to order your merch now!
All orders will be delivered at the Orientation Day.

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